At Jensen Metal we take pride in meeting all relevant industry standards and regulatory requirements, while exploring new ways of fulfilling our role in driving the world towards a sustainable future.


Implementing climate action and supporting human rights.

Driving change through responsible business

We acknowledge that we are part of an industry with a major impact on global climate and we support the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN. That’s why we strive to bring down emissions from our business operations, to promote human rights and diversity, to reduce our impact on the environment, and to reach out to help the local community we work in and recruit from. We are constantly exploring our role in driving sustainability and optimising our positive impact.

Our priorities

Our sustainability work is divided into three main areas – environment, quality management system, and occupational health & safety.


The Quality of our work is ensured by international certification

Approved quality

We pride ourselves on supplying best-in-class quality. These are our certifications:

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We support full transparency in terms of sales and delivery.

Terms of sale and delivery

Download our sales and delivery terms here


Fighting corruption through transparency.


We want to know and take action immediately if our high standards of behaviour are breached. That’s why we have an independent and anonymous whistle-blower facility in place.

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